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Trusted Massage Therapy in Kelowna

Advanced Therapeutic Massage is proud to offer a broad range of services in massage therapy to Kelowna. At our clinic, the therapist will consult with you several times during your treatment to ensure that you are comfortable with the techniques, the temperature of the room, and the position of the supports, such as pillows and towels.

We encourage you to tell us how we can make you more comfortable. Your treatment will be customized to your needs. Let your therapist know if you would like her to spend more time on certain problem areas.

Our massage treatments include:

Your Ticket to Wellness

Book your massage therapy treatment to help manage your health.

Deep tissue massage
Lymphatic drainage massage
Pre-natal massage
Post-natal massage
Sports massage
Foot massage
Craniosacral massage
Tendinitis massage
Neuromuscular therapy massage
Wheelchair massage
Swedish massage
Relaxation massage
Trigger point therapy
Myofascial release

Not sure what kind of massage therapy would work for you? Book an appointment with us to discuss your options. We also offer some more in-depth information about certain therapies on this page.

Want to treat a friend to a massage? We offer gift certificates, available in any dollar amount or if you wish you can purchase a certificate for a specific service. We have a variety of beautiful certificates for you to choose from.

Rejuvenate… Rehabilitate… Contemplate…


True deep tissue massage can be one of the most therapeutic and healing massages. Although not as rhythmic as other massage types, deep tissue massage interacts the most with the body's muscles and muscle groups. After a deep tissue massage, sore and tired muscles often become revived and energized. The body often feels as if it had a strenuous, yet impactful workout. If you have particular ‘spots’ of discomfort or trigger points, they can be addressed and relieved with direct pressure, leaving you relaxed and ready to face another day.


This focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity and is usually more vigorous and deeper than Swedish massage. With your muscles relaxed they will function efficiently, reducing the risk of "strain", and producing consistently better results. If you have limited flexibility, it may help you and your game move in the right direction. Designed for active people, sports massage decongests and lengthens the muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues by combining relatively high-impact massage techniques and assisted stretches to relieve acute muscle soreness, improve flexibility and increase range of motion. Sports massage is performed to help the individual in affected muscle groups or areas. This technique is great for someone who has a recurring area of the body that needs special attention and relief. For enhanced athletic performance!


Specially designed for the most deserving of patients, pregnancy massage can be done in different ways. Pregnant women may lie on their side, or they can lie face down on a specially designed pillow. This is accomplished with a deep center cut-out in the pillow, so that baby is accommodated and moms-to-be are relaxed and comfortable.

The benefits of pregnancy massage include: nurturing touch; relaxation and decreased insomnia; stress relief on weight-bearing joints (ankles, lower back and pelvis); neck and back pain relief (caused by muscle imbalance and weakness); assistance in maintaining proper posture; preparing the muscles used during childbirth; reduced swelling in hands and feet; lessened sciatic pain; fewer calf cramps; and headache and sinus congestion relief.


Still the most well-known massage today, Swedish massage techniques leave the body relaxed and rested. Using lighter, long, rhythmic, relaxing strokes, it improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, and sets up a chain reaction that produces a positive effect on all layers and systems of the body. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, while promoting health and well-being. Swedish massage helps release the body of unwanted strain and stress. Your body will feel rested and your mind at ease for a total pampering experience.


A therapeutic massage using essential oils that are blended just for you. Aromatherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses the natural aromatic essences of plants to enhance any type of massage. Essential oils are custom selected for you and will be used topically or diffused into the room during your massage. The custom blend will assist your body in its natural ability to balance, regulate, heal, and maintain itself. Aromatherapy is both a preventative approach and an active treatment. Delight the senses as the unique blending and aromas add a new dimension to your massage.


Myofascial release, or soft tissue mobilization, is a therapy used to release tension stored in the fascia. Fascia are sheets of fibrous tissue that encase and support muscles separating them into groups and layers. Following trauma, the fascia and muscles may shorten, restricting blood flow. The techniques used in myofascial release relax muscle tension and break up fascial adhesions.


Lymphatic drainage is "light touch therapy" used to detect the rhythm, direction, depth, and quality of lymph fluid flow. Slow, gentle, wave-like motion encourages the lymph to move toward major lymph nodes where it is filtered and returned to the blood. This movement of fluid decreases swelling, moves toxins so they can be eliminated from the body, and stimulates the immune system. When lymph moves the whole body is in a healthier environment from the inside out. It is the most effective massage for circulation, and especially any form of edema (swelling). Lymphatic drainage is said to beneficially affect the nervous, immune, and muscular systems.

Note: Patients who have undergone cancer surgery require approval from their doctor before beginning treatment.

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