Massage is much more than pampering.  It is health maintenance.




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Whether your goal is to resolve an injury or other medical condition, an athletic tune-up via a vigorious sports massage or a sense of health and well-being that comes from a deep relaxation massage, Advanced Therapeutic Massage is committed to helping you achieve your health goal and regain quality of life.

Registered Massage Therapists in British Columbia have obtained the highest standard of massage education in North America.  This extensive training provides B.C. RMT's with the skills necessary to restore and maintain optimal health and allow for pain-free functions of every day activities.



101-2033 Gordon Drive (Gordon and Springfield)


Massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissues and joints of the body and the ability to apply these techniques effectively and safely.  Therapeutic Massage can mean different things to different people.  Some patients require deep tissue therapy, while others will find benefit from a relaxing aromatherapy massage.  A highly trained RMT has the ability to use a multitude of powerful massage techniques, and provide strength and stretching exercises in order to achieve the necessary results to restore the patient’s performance and overall well being.  Whatever the patient needs, the patient will receive at Advanced Therapeutic Massage. 

Massage, when applied by a professionally trained massage therapist reduces the severity of injuries, reduces the recovery time, and when used regularly, actually decreases the likelihood of injuries.  Statistics have shown that approximately 1 in 4 visits to family physicians are for musculoskeletal problems, which are conditions commonly treated by RMT’s.


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